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Remuneration: your interim salary

  • Salary
  • Premium
  • Meal reimbursement
  • Transport costs
  • IFM
  • ICCP

For new temporary workers, the composition of the pay slips provided by the employer can sometimes prove to be complicated to enter without support.

How to know your rights? Here is an instruction manual to find you there. 

The interim salary

The interim salary appears on your employment contract. It is calculated on the basis of an hourly or daily rate.

The principle of equal treatment: under this principle enshrined in the labor code, your salary cannot be lower than that which would be received by a permanent employee of the user company, of the same qualification, occupying an equivalent position, after period test.  

In interim, your salary is made up of:

  • the base salary: it is determined according to the salary relating to the position held with our client and in compliance with the legal and contractual minima,
  • any accessories: premiums, meal reimbursement, reimbursement of transport costs, etc.

Depending on your sector, your employer pays you your salary by transfer or check. In this case, your salary check must be given to you on the same day as the payslip. Be aware that if you lose your payslip, you can always request your career statement from your pension insurance organization. 

Temporary bonuses

Any bonuses granted are part of your salary. They are mentioned on your interim contract. 

Different bonuses

There are different types of bonuses: 

  • Company-specific bonuses: 13th month, 14th month, vacation bonuses, … 
  • premiums attached to the workstation: risk premium, cold premium, attendance premium, etc. 
  • bonuses linked to the performance of specialized tasks: performance bonuses. 

Under the principle of equal treatment, if a permanent employee of the user company with the same qualification, occupying the same position, receives one or more bonuses, you also benefit. The user company can set conditions regarding the allocation of bonuses (seniority, presence, …); you must therefore complete them in order to benefit from them. The amount of these bonuses differs depending on the business sector. 

Incentive and / or profit sharing bonuses

Incentive and / or profit-sharing bonuses are granted by the user company only to its employees; so you cannot benefit from it. 

Interim meal reimbursements

Equal treatment

By virtue of the principle of equal treatment, if the employees of the user company benefit from collective facilities or reimbursement for their meals, you also benefit. 

Possible conditions to be fulfilled: The user company may set conditions as regards the allocation of meal reimbursements (seniority, etc.); you must therefore complete them in order to benefit from them. 

The reimbursement of meals is part of your remuneration. 

It can come in different forms: 

  • access to the company restaurant or canteen, 
  • packed lunches: you are paid a fixed amount for each day worked, 
  • restaurant tickets: the reimbursement method is always mentioned on your contract. 

Temporary transport costs

In order to get to the location of your mission, you may need to use public transport or your vehicle. The possible reimbursement of your travel expenses is mentioned on your mission contract. 

Public transport in Île-de-France 

If your place of work is located in the Paris region, you benefit, for each day worked and whatever your profile, from a lump sum reimbursement of your subscription, amounting to 50% of your transport ticket (Navigo Pass, card imagine R, full card, weekly coupon). You just need to indicate on your contract the number of zones used; a box is provided for this purpose. To obtain this reimbursement, you must send us a copy of your ticket. 

Public transport outside Île-de-France

If your mission leads you to use public transport in the provinces, no payment of your costs is compulsory. However, if the user company agrees to partially reimburse you for your transport costs, you must send us a copy of your subscription. 

Personal vehicle

If you use your vehicle to go to the location of your mission, no payment of your costs is compulsory. However, the user company may decide to partially reimburse you for your transport costs. Their reimbursement, lump sum, is then calculated on the basis of a kilometer scale. 

End of mission allowance (IFM)

At the end of your interim assignment, you receive an end-of-assignment allowance. It is paid to you in order to compensate for the precariousness of your situation. Its value is equal to one tenth of the total gross remuneration paid during the duration of your temporary temporary assignment. You perceive it at the end of your mission. 

The end-of-mission allowance may not be paid to you in certain cases: 

  • if you immediately benefit from a permanent contract with the customer, 
  • in the event of termination of your contract for serious misconduct
  • if you terminate your temporary employment contract early, 
  • if you refuse the implementation of the “flexibility” provided for in the contract.

Compensation for paid leave (ICCP)

In return for the inability to take time off during your assignment, you will receive a compensatory allowance at the end of your assignment. The amount of this leave indemnity corresponds to one tenth of the total gross remuneration owed to you during the duration of your temporary assignment. It is paid at the end of your mission. Unlike the end-of-mission allowance, the ICCP is due in all circumstances.

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