Your professional training

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Your professional training

  • Training plan
  • CIF
  • CPF
  • VAE
  • Skills assessment
  • Alternation

TEKJOB supports the development of your skills and gives you access to numerous professional training courses.

You can also benefit, at your initiative, from a number of additional devices to our offer, under certain conditions:

  • Individual Training Leave (CIF),
  • Personal Training Account (CPF),
  • Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE),
  • Leave Skills assessment.

The information and advice platform EVOLUFIL of the FAF.TT (Temporary Work Training Insurance Fund), is available by phone at for any additional information you may wish to obtain.

You can also consult the site or join the FAF.TT by mail at the address:

14, rue Riquet – 75940 PARIS Cedex 19

Our Training department is also at your entire disposal at

The training plan

TEKJOB offers you the possibility of directly accessing a large catalog of training courses. 

All of these training courses are accessible throughout the year. They are offered as part of the adaptation to the job and in the development of skills:

  • operational themes (IT and office automation, technical training, security, etc.),
  • personal development (foreign languages ​​…),
  • support in accessing employment.

They are provided by our partners or within our training center and use efficient methodologies and resources.

Our training courses all have a training program, validated by our branch OPCA, thus guaranteeing a perfect match to your needs.


These training courses can be requested, depending on their type, by your consultant or the user company.
For any training request, we invite you to contact the consultant who manages your file.

Remuneration The remuneration you receive during your training is identical to that of your current (if not your last) assignment with TEKJOB .

If you have never been on assignment with TEKJOB , your remuneration is set on the basis of the minimum wage.
All training does not entitle to remuneration.

Individual training leave (CIF)

The Individual Training Leave allows you to follow a training course in order to access a higher level of qualification or to support your change of profession.


To benefit from this leave, you must:

  • have worked 1,600 hours in the temporary work profession over the last 18 months, including 600 hours with TEKJOB ,
  • be on a mission or have been less than 3 months ago,

During your training, you are bound to TEKJOB by a training assignment contract.

Approach and support

You must contact the FAF-TT * in order to withdraw a request for support, during your mission or within a maximum of 3 months after your last day of mission.

The request for absence must be made to the ETT:

60 days before if leave <6 months
120 days before if leave> 6 months

TEKJOB will complete the section relating to your request for leave of absence.
You can only submit one file at a time.
For more details relating to examination commissions, we invite you to contact FAF.TT.


The remuneration you receive during your training will be calculated by the FAF.TT.

Personal Training Account (CPF)

Since its creation on 1 st January 2015, your CPF account follows you throughout your professional life. It replaces the DIF. 

It allows you to secure your professional career through qualifying or certifying training.

In April 2015, the FAF.TT sent a certificate by mail to temporary employees with DIF hours to be transferred to their personal training account (number of hours accumulated in temporary work between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2014) .

Each period of 1800 hours in interim gives the right to 30 hours of DIF usable within the framework of the CPF.

If you have not received this certificate or if you wish to dispute it (proof of the number of hours worked in temporary employment will be requested from you), we invite you to send an email to .

Since 2016, the CPF has been supplied automatically, in proportion to the hours of mission, within the limit of 24 hours per year for the first five years and 12 hours for the following three years for full-time employees. The account is capped at 150 hours.

To use your DIF hours, you must enter your DIF hours balance on your CPF meter, on the site .

To assist you in your reflection, the FAF TT has made information officers available to you which can be reached on 01 73 78 13 30 or consult the FAF TT website.

Do you want to use your CPF?

You must make your request 30 to 60 days before the start of the training if it lasts less than 6 months, or 120 days for a training of 6 months or more.

Your file must be submitted to:

  • From TEKJOB (Training Department), if you are on assignment.
  • From the FAF TT, if the training is part of a personal training project.
  • From the Pôle Emploi, if you are a job seeker. 

The validation of acquired experience (VAE)

The VAE allows you to obtain, in whole or in part, a diploma, a professional title or a certification appearing in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications).

Conditions and coverage

To benefit from it, you must:

  • justify at least three years of experience (professional, extra-professional) related to the certification concerned (diploma, professional title),
  • be on assignment or have been on assignment less than 3 months ago (if the conditions for access to the CIF are met).

VAE leave is covered within the limit of 24 hours of training over a maximum range of 12 months.

You cannot request more than one VAE leave in a period of one year.


For a request to cover expenses relating to this leave, we invite you to contact the FAF-TT.


For a request to cover expenses relating to this leave, you must contact the FAF-TT.
The remuneration you receive during your training will be calculated by the FAF.TT. 

The Skills Review Leave

It allows you to analyze your professional and personal skills, your aptitudes and your motivations for getting involved in a project and, if applicable, a training project.

It must be carried out within a service provider approved by FAF.TT and since July 1, 2017 registered in the FAF IT reference catalog.

If you have already carried out a skills assessment, you must respect a 3-year franchise period before submitting a new request.

Conditions and coverage

In order to benefit from a skills assessment, you must total:

  • 5 years of professional activity, consecutive or not, as an employee (temporary or not),
  • including at least 1600 hours during the last 18 months as a temporary employee,
  • of which at least 600 hours within TEKJOB , 
  • The seniority and the deadline are assessed on the date of the request for leave of absence.


You must submit your request for leave of absence during the mission or within a maximum of three months after your last day of mission to the FAF.TT. 


For a request to cover expenses relating to this leave, you must contact the FAF.TT.
The remuneration you receive during your training will be calculated by the FAF.TT. 


Work-study training allows you to acquire a qualification or to adapt your initial qualification.

Several contracts allow you to acquire training:

the professionalization contract

This contract allows the temporary worker to benefit from personalized training, alternating with a mission related to the qualification sought.

It is open to young people aged 16 to 25 without qualification and to those who wish to complete their initial training regardless of the level to access the desired professions or to job seekers aged 26 or over when a period professionalization is necessary to promote their return to employment.

This contract is normally set between 6 and 12 months (exceptionally 24 months) including training between 15 and 25% of the duration of the contract.

The ETT must then appoint a tutor from among its permanent employees.

specific interim contracts (CIPI, CDPI …) CIPI (interim professional integration contract):

The purpose of this contract is to promote the professional integration or reintegration of job seekers, by offering them an alternating period of assignment and training (duration of the contract between 210 and 420 hours).

CDPI (Interim Professional Development Contract):

This contract must allow the temporary worker with little or no qualification to access a first level of qualification or to a different or even additional qualification, allowing him to increase his employment opportunities.

This contract is open to any temporary worker who does not have a diploma of a higher level level V and justifying a practice of the company acquired within the framework of temporary work assignments of at least 450 hours during the 12 previous months (contract duration between 175 and 450 hours).