Your holidays

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Your holidays

  • Holidays
  • Bridges
  • É family vents
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave


The conditions to be fulfilled in order to benefit from the payment of the public holiday, it must:

  • be paid to permanent
  • situate yourself during your interim assignment

(if the public holiday falls between two assignments taking place within the same company, payment is still due)
There is no seniority condition.

The bridges

The principle

You benefit from bridges under the same conditions as the employees of the company in which you carry out your assignment (principle of equal treatment).

The different situations

  • when the user company grants a non-recoverable remunerated bridge to its employees, you must benefit from it under the same conditions …,
  • when the bridge is recoverable later, during the mission, you must benefit from it, and under the same conditions as permanent employees,
  • when the recovery of the bridge is outside the mission, you do not benefit from the payment of this nonworking day.

Family events

The law allows any employee to be absent for family reasons: marriage, birth, death. It does not impose a seniority condition (except for the last case).

The labor code therefore grants a certain number of days off, depending on the family event.
Thus, you can benefit from:

  • 4 days for your wedding
  • 1 day for the wedding of a child
  • 3 days for each birth
  • 2 days for the death of a spouse or child
  • 1 day for the death of the father or mother
  • 1 day for the death of the father-in-law (father of the wife), the mother-in-law, a brother or a sister, subject to the condition of 3 months seniority.

These days of leave are remunerated under normal conditions.

The conditions to be fulfilled

  • the family event must take place during your mission,
  • the days of leave must be taken within a reasonable period or on the date of the event depending on the type of leave; the labor code does not set a precise date,
  • you must provide proof of absence.

Labor code or collective agreement?

As a temporary worker, your plan can be:

  • of the labor code (see above), the collective agreement for Temporary Work Companies does not provide for any more favorable measure.
  • the client’s collective agreement: if it provides for a more favorable regime than that of the labor code, it is this that applies.

Maternity leave

The duration of maternity leave is 16 weeks for the 1st or 2nd child (6 weeks before and 10 weeks after childbirth).
Formalities to be completed
You must provide TEKJOB with a medical certificate attesting to your state of pregnancy and specifying the date of delivery.


During your maternity leave, your interim contract is suspended; you are therefore not paid by TEKJOB. However, you benefit from daily social security benefits.

Additional compensation

In addition to the Social Security allowance, you can benefit from a supplement paid by IREPS. For this, you must justify 590 hours at TEKJOB, during the last 12 months preceding the date of the leave, or 1400 hours of interim during the last 24 months, preceding the date of the leave.

Paternity leave

The duration of paternity leave is 11 days for 1 child. It is distinct from the 3-day birth leave; you can therefore combine the two types of leave or take them at different times. The leave must be taken within 4 months of the birth of the child. It cannot be split: it must be taken all at once.


Under certain conditions, and within the limit of the Social Security ceiling, you will receive compensation for the duration of your leave corresponding to your net salary.

Formalities to be completed

  • you must notify TEKJOB of the date and duration of the leave at least one month before the start of the leave. This request can be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
  • you must also notify the company in which you are carrying out your assignment.

You must send to your health insurance fund:

  • 1 extract of your child’s birth certificate,
  • or 1 copy of the updated family record book,
  • or 1 act of recognition of the child.

TEKJOB sends a salary certificate to your health insurance fund from the first day of your leave.

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