Warehouseman operator

The warehouse operator provides support in the trades: receiving, distributing, shipping and making the link with their logistical support.


Using lifting pallets, it stores, stores and controls goods and parts. But it is not always satisfied with this loading function and also performs various tasks: inventory, parts tracking, exchange, indicators, etc.

• He ensures delivery between the post service area and the place of consumption of the companion.
• It acts as a relay between the logistics coordinator for the provision of items expected at the post.
• It must serve the right amount in the right place at the right time.
• He repackages tooling lots and aircraft items at the post.
• He is responsible for verifying the completeness of the shuttle boxes for the tools to be returned to suppliers and for creating the shipping advice using specific software.
• He relaunches the production group to find the missing tooling using specific software.
• It ensures under the responsibility of the station the transfer of certain components of the tool with the means such as the bridge.

The machines being more and more computerized and the operator also taking care of the management, he must know how to use the computer tool.

Golden rules

The operator must respect rigorous control processes and, above all, know how to respect deadlines.
The operator must love teamwork.

Working conditions

He works in terminals, cargo areas and airlines. The profession of forklift truck operator requires extended standing positions. Times can be shifted and at night.

Training required

• CAP warehouse agent,
• BEP logistics and marketing,
• Bac Pro logistics,
• Certificate of professional driver capacity.


From 1,100 euros, depending on professional experience in the sector concerned


The operator can become warehouse manager, warehouse manager …


• Distribution and warehousing agent ,
• Handling agent.


“You have to try to gain experience in the industrial sector in order to familiarize yourself with the standards and the rigorous framework that the latter imposes. « 

A driver must also  » know to show a lot of determination and rigor in work. «