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TekjobTalent Sourcing

Tekjob Talent Sourcing, Bespoke digital CV selection offer, telephone prequalification and unlimited availability of qualified candidates via a 100% online platform, billed as a monthly subscription.

Tekjob Talent Recruitment

Tekjob Talent Recruitment, agencies specializing in temporary and permanent recruitment. We help you to find candidates, junior executive profile to confirmed, better and faster. The latest digital tools and our sourcing techniques available for your business at the best prices on the market.

Tekjob Executive search

Tekjob Executive Search, For the recruitment of highly qualified executives, our Executive Search teams support you to conquer the ideal profile that your business needs. Top experts or leaders, headhunters use disruptive methods for formidable efficiency.

Tekjob Interim Management

Tekjob Interim Management, combines the latest digital sourcing techniques with high-touch consultancy to help you recruit specialist interim managers and project leaders better, faster and more cost-effectively.

Tekjob Talent Consulting

Tekjob Talent Consulting, Reveals the individual and collective potential of your teams at different stages of their careers and optimize the performance of your business through talent consulting. A dedicated team and tools to reveal your potential.

Tekjob Outplacement

Tekjob Outplacement, offers an effective outplacement programme to companies and candidates, ensuring employability and individual mobility to those who are transitioning their career.

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