Outplacement for managers and their teams

Tekjob Outplacement, offers professional support services for managers and their teams in Paris and in the regions, ensuring the employability and mobility of individuals in professional transition. Benefit from an outplacement program adapted to your needs and your situation. Our specialized teams will guide you in defining and implementing your career plan.

  • TEKJOB Outplacement
  • Implementation of a strategy to promote a rapid return to employment
  • Expertise and know-how of our consultants dedicated to your project
  • Professional support program and personalized development workshops
  • Guarantee the success of your career transition

Make your professional transition a success.

Personalized outplacement program

Outplacement is a personalized advice and support service, individual or collective, led by a team of human resources and recruitment experts.

Our personalized program provides candidates with the expertise, strategy and logistics necessary to find a professional solution as quickly as possible. It makes it possible to find a position in Paris or in the regions which meets their needs and their motivations while remaining in line with their professional know-how.

During this process, the consultant supports the managers and / or their teams in the various phases of reflection, of their professional and personal assessment, in the preparation and conduct of their project, as well as in the selection of relevant communication tools

Support for senior executives and their teams

The Executive The SupportThe coach
Each executive and his teams benefit from
a program adapted and personalized to their professional and personal project. 
Thus, an outplacement service can last between 6 to 18 months
This support is carried out only with coaches specializing in recruitment and outplacement and in various sectors such as energy, real estate, construction, leisure, media, luxury, beauty, etc.The coach is defined according to the personality and affinity with the manager so that his / her professional project can be transformed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This outplacement support is defined in 4 main stages:

The UnderstandingThe ConstructionThe ActivationThe Coaching
Understanding the aspirations of the candidate with the help of personality questionnaires and the definition of their professional identityThe construction of the professional project by adapting it to the skills, training and network of the manager and the firm.Activation of the project: the outplacement coach will guide the candidate in their arguments and in carrying out appropriate actionsCoaching at the service of the manager: unblock at the right time all the factors slowing down the realization of the professional project through sessions with the dedicated coach.

Choose your outplacement firm

When leaving, the company offers offices in Paris, London, Bruxelles, Duseldorf, in Accra, Abidjan, Lagos and most African countries, to senior executives. However, it is quite possible that these leaders also present a list of outplacement firm that would suit them, according to certain criteria:

Location: is the outplacement firm located in Paris? Duseldorf? Accra?Abidjan? Lagos? Next to home?

The service: the program, the interactions, the frequency of meetings, the tools used… are they consistent with the professional project?

Are the coaches certified? Is it possible to choose his / her coach?

Duration: is the firm flexible over the duration? Will he accompany until the candidate finds a job?

The cost: does the firm take a percentage of the gross annual salary between 15 and 20%? Does the company agree to pay this cost?