Emergency management and recruitment

TEKJOB Interim Management combines the latest sourcing techniques with quality advice to help you recruit better, faster and at lower cost, the ideal profile. Our teams identify the best interim managers, specialized by sector and by function, to successfully carry out your transition assignments.

  • TEKJOB Interim Management
  • Experienced executives for strategic projects, urgent missions and leadership roles
  • Fast turnaround time: presentation of a first candidate in 24-48 hours
  • Access to CVs of interim managers to easily assess personality and skills
  • Use of assessment tools to better identify talents

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What is Tekjob interim management?

Tekjob Interim management encompasses the highly strategic missions entrusted to senior executives for a fixed period. Tekjob Interim management calls on very experienced profiles who have held key management positions within large international groups.

More engaging than a simple external service and less restrictive than a permanent contract, it perfectly meets the needs of companies looking for responsiveness and flexibility, but also the challenges of senior executives wishing to share their experience and take up new challenges.

“Today, it is by choice that senior executives wish to become interim managers. They are looking for flexibility, but also adrenaline, by immediately integrating companies with very varied needs and challenges!  » Mr Kofi TABURY_ Managing Director TEKJOB

How can we help you ?

We work on 6 needs

Business transformation

Reshape your organization? Understand the so-called digital transformation? Rethinking your business model?

Find an experienced and available interim manager to help you design and implement the changes you want to make to your organization.

Crisis management

Need help managing a crisis or a major change?
Do you feel the need to be supported in times of strong growth?

Find experienced specialists to help you navigate with confidence during a difficult or transitory time.

Interim executives

Are you struggling to cope after a sudden or unexpected departure?

Fill the vacant executive position with an experienced interim manager who will take charge on an interim basis. by opting for Tekjob interim management, you will be able to focus on recruiting with complete peace of mind.

Deployment of strategic projects

Are you opening a new site? 
Are you launching a new product?

Benefit from the skills necessary for the realization of your project thanks to the transition management. Calling on an interim manager allows you to achieve your objectives while respecting your deadlines.

Time-share executives

Do you need part-time experts?

Many of our interim managers offer their consulting services. You can benefit from it on a part-time basis, reducing your budget without compromising the quality of the advice.

Urgent recruitment

Have you identified a need for long-term recruitment, but you have very little time to fill the position?

Our consultants have sourcing tools that ensure they can find the right profile in record time, immediately available and open to Tekjob interim management.