Master your overall Supply Chain, from product design to delivery.

Master your overall Supply Chain, from product design to delivery.
The industrial performance of companies improves when they optimize their internal efficiency but also when they optimally integrate the contributions of their external partners: material suppliers, transport services, logistics platform, customs, etc. The supply chain thus managed by global approach develops its agility, and creates « new values » brought to customers and to the company.
This issue exists as much in companies providing manufacturing as in new forms of industrial organization with relocation of production and management of logistics platforms by zone or country.

Our objective:

For several years, companies have moved from focusing on in-house production to a much broader consideration of their industrial chain.

TEKJOB helps the company to understand its situation in relation to this necessary development with the help of appropriate diagnostics, and highlights the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the organization and its processes.

TEKJOB helps the company understand the current state of its industrial performance and its position relative to its competitors.

TEKJOB relies on its LEAN 6 SIGMA expertise combined with the concepts of SCM: « Supply Chain Management », to highlight directions for improvement and how to implement them.

The goal is to develop the simplest overall supply chain possible, which minimizes total costs and maximizes the services provided to customers.

Our means:

Diagnosis and evaluation of the industrial chain

Analysis, control and development of competitor engineering, design for supply chain, make or buy, supply chain design processes by integrating internal and external resources

Analysis and control / development of purchasing / procurement processes: selection of suppliers, development of partnerships, global sourcing, operational processes

Analysis and control / development of forecasting, planning and production processes: demand forecasts, supply forecasts, management of the demand / supply agreement, pull or push flows, on-demand manufacturing, inventory strategy

Analysis and control / development of downstream supply chain processes: distribution networks, locations and stock levels, integration of logistics partners

Analysis and control / development of product returns and support processes

Recommendations for appropriate information systems

Industrial management of the company (Operational dashboards)

Industrial evolution strategy (roadmap)


Supply Chain

Job Fields

  • Supply Chain Director
  • Logistics engineer
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Head of Logistics Projects
  • Project Manager Transportation


Job Fields

  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • The terminals