Stock manager

The stock manager is the one who optimizes the movements of stocks in the warehouse to avoid stock-outs. To this end, he supervises the entry and exit of goods and manages replenishments. He may also be required to take care of other tasks, such as managing article sheets for example.


• Plan deliveries
• Evaluate supplier performance
• Control the quality and quantity of goods received
• Negotiate alternative solutions with suppliers in the event of a malfunction or emergency
• Track sales and forecasts to ensure product availability
• Supervise the preparation of orders


• A developed sense of relationships
• Organized and rigorous
• Perfect knowledge of the distribution sector
• Mastery of logistics management software (CAPE)
• Responsive and endowed with an innate sense of adaptation to all emergency situations


For such a position, recruiters are looking for individuals with a Bac + 2 diploma in Logistics and Transport Management or a Bac Pro Exploitation of Transport or Logistics benefiting from a few years of experience. Young managers with at least two years of experience in the field of logistics management may also be accepted.


The gross salary of a beginner inventory manager can reach 1430 euros per month.

Career evolution

A stock manager may have started as a forklift driver. After a few years, he can apply for a position as logistics manager or warehouse manager. In the long term, an inventory manager can claim the position of purchasing or supply manager.

Other appellations

• Supply manager

• Stock manager