Social assistance

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Social assistance

  • Mutual
  • Housing
  • Everyday life
  • Mobility
  • Work accident


The FASTT (Fonds d’Action Sociale du Travail Temporaire) is the organization that facilitates access to various social services for temporary workers.

For each service offered, there are conditions to be met. If you meet these conditions, you must then put together a file that FASTT will study in order to decide whether or not to grant you the requested assistance.

To request a file in the desired field, you can contact: 01 71 25 08 28 or consult the website:


Since January 1, 2016, temporary workers who have worked at least 414 hours over the last 12 months automatically and compulsorily benefit from a mutual insurance fund. For more information, you can click on the following link:  Leaflet mutual aid workers  and consult the site

Membership of the mutual insurance company is also possible for temporary workers who have not reached 414 hours, from their first temporary assignment, but on an optional basis. In this case, financial assistance from the FASTT makes it possible to reduce the amount of the contribution by 50%.


The FASTT offers you housing assistance. For each type of assistance, you must contact the FASTT.


The FASTT can advance the amount of your security deposit, disseminate your housing application on the Internet. It can also issue you a guarantee certificate in your name.

In order to benefit from this type of aid, you must:

  • be on assignment at the time of the request,
  • Have 414 hours of mission over the last 12 months,
  • Make the request before signing the lease.

Purchase – Works

You want to be able to buy new or old housing, land and have your future home built or even carry out major work. To check if your project is feasible under the best conditions, get advice from Fastt’s partners.

To benefit from a study of your project and verify its feasibility, you must:

Be on an interim mission at the time of the request.

Find temporary accommodation

You have a mission away from your home and you need temporary accommodation. The FASTT brings you reductions in more than 700 partner structures, a free service for finding temporary accommodation and financial aid to cover part of the accommodation costs.

Condition to be fulfilled:

Be on mission at the time of the request.

Everyday life

Social service

Social workers, aware of your situation at work, listen to you, inform you, advise you and provide you with personalized support to help you face the difficulties in your personal or professional life.

They help you in your administrative procedures with social organizations (Assedic, Caf, Cpam…) so that you can access the various social benefits.

They provide answers to your questions on all kinds of subjects: housing, health, family, consumption, accidents at work, and inform you about your rights and social benefits.

After an accident at work, they quickly guide you to the systems best able to meet your needs and provide concrete support in your efforts and / or those of your loved ones.

Condition to be fulfilled:

Be on mission at the time of the request.

To find out more you can call 0 800 28 08 28.
Sos childcare

The FASTT searches for and organizes a care solution in your home adapted to the age of your children by a qualified professional.

Thanks to the participation of FASTT, you benefit, during your mission, from a one-off care service for children living at your home.

You pay only 1 euro per hour for up to 50 hours per year.

This service is accessible even at the last minute.

In order to benefit from this assistance, you must:

Be on mission during the requested call duty.

Leisure center solutions

During school holidays, in addition to home care, the FASTT informs you and guides you on the solutions available in the Fastt partner leisure centers which are close to your home or to your place of mission.


Driver’s license

1.The permit for one euro per day

If you are under 25, you can apply to a financial institution for a zero-rate loan (without interest or application fees) to register for training in driving vehicles, either category B (car or Category A (motorcycle over 125 cm3)
First of all, you must choose a partner driving school for the operation.


The Fastt, in partnership with partner organizations approved by the Caisse des Dépôts, offers microcredit solutions to finance, in particular, driving licenses.

They are aimed at people in a situation of social or economic fragility, excluded from traditional bank credit, and who have a repayment capacity.

3.Other solutions

Other mechanisms exist such as aid from the Pôle Emploi or local missions. Do not hesitate to contact these structures for more information and to know the access conditions.

Rent a vehicle

Thanks to the financial participation of Fastt, you can rent a car for only 10 € per day.

This includes assistance and insurance (civil liability in and out of traffic, theft and fire minus the variable deductible depending on the lessor). The insurance does not cover glass breakage and professional uses (delivery or other).

You can travel up to 100 kilometers per day for all your home / work trips. This allows you to complete missions within a radius of 50 kilometers. If you use the vehicle for more than 100 kilometers per day, you will have to pay a mileage charge. Fuel costs are your responsibility.

The car can be made available to you within 48 hours (subject to availability).

The rental period can be up to 30 days.

Two-wheel rental

The Fastt in partnership with associations offers in some departments a bicycle rental service for only 1 euro per day, and mopeds (scooters and mopeds) for 2 euros per day maximum.

For temporary employees born after 1990, it is necessary to hold a Road Safety Certificate (BSR).

You can use this service up to 30 days a year for all your home / work trips. The insurance does not cover professional uses (delivery or other). For example, you can rent a moped to carry out a first two-month assignment at the start of the year, then request this service again for a new one-month interim assignment.

In order to benefit from this assistance, you must:

• be on assignment during the rental period of the vehicle. Not having a public transport solution to get to or from the mission location in less than 45 minutes.

• not benefit from a reimbursement of public transport subscriptions. Not to benefit from transport allowances exceeding 16.50 euros per day.

Auto Credit

The financial advisers take the time to study your project with you, without a priori linked to your quality of interim.
If this is possible, they help you put together your financing file and accompany you until the end of your project.

In order to benefit from this assistance, you must:

Be on an interim mission, and have 414 hours of mission over the last 12 months. Access to the loan is subject to the completion of this study.

Work accident

Thanks to the FASTT-AT services system, you and your entourage can benefit from local advice and assistance from the first days following the accident at work.

The advisers of FASTT-AT services, specialists in the problem of « accidents at work » are at your disposal, and provide you with answers and advice tailored to your needs (administrative procedures, additional medical information, psychological assistance, etc.) .

A special help number for advice and personalized support: 0 811 555 828