Shipping agent

The job of shipping service agent consists of carrying out various operations such as receiving, storing, preparing orders and shipping products according to quality procedures, established health and safety rules. It can also carry out handling operations and counter sales operations.


• Receipt of goods
• Control of order / delivery compliance
• Routing of parcels for dispatch or storage
• Filling of order tracking documents
• Packaging of goods
• Monitoring of stock status
• Customer information on orders and deliveries


• Knowledge of optical barcode reading devices
• Mastery of the various non-motorized handling devices
• Good mastery of packaging and packaging techniques
• Good salesperson
• Knowledge of stock management and database software
• Capacities of volumes, distances and dimensions
• Organization and precision capabilities


The job of shipping service agent requires obtaining a CAP / BEP in warehousing, professional packaging, distribution and sales; a Bac Pro Logistique, or one or more Certificates of Fitness for Safe Driving (CACES). But it is quite possible to access the position without a particular diploma.


The average salary of a shipping agent is around 25,000 euros gross per year.

Career evolution

With years of experience or continuous training, a shipping service agent may consider a transition to the functions of warehouse manager, courier service manager, warehouse manager or dock manager.

Other appellations

• Warehouse agent
• Warehouse worker
• Mail agent
• Warehouse worker