The quality manager defines, promotes and implements a purchasing quality policy. It sets and enforces standards, indicators, methods and tools for buyers and suppliers.


Definition of the objectives and means of the quality approach

  • Define the scope of analysis (customer quality and / or supplier quality).
  •   Define quality indicators (standards), validate the objectives and resources with the hierarchy.
  • Determine the processes (audit, control …) and plan interventions and projects.
  •  Discuss with the other executives of the quality function and the Purchasing Department to present the objectives, principles and methods of the quality approach.

Audit and quality analysis process

  •  Meet the different players in the quality process (customers, suppliers, buyers, quality engineers, production managers), collect their needs, take particular account of customers’ constraints and requests.
  • Evaluate suppliers on quality indicators.
  • Perform the tests and analyze the necessary samples.
  • Manage and analyze incidents.
  •   Identify the dysfunctions noted in terms of quality and propose solutions.

Implementation and animation of the quality policy

  • Set up the processes and organization necessary to achieve quality objectives.
  •  Create and lead working groups to solve quality problems.
  •  Set up and monitor supplier performance monitoring indicators (EAQF: Supplier Quality Aptitude Assessment).
  •  Establish internally (in particular with buyers) quality assurance procedures to meet customer expectations, through training actions.
  •  Define and implement a quality assurance plan for the launch of new products.
  • Set up, promote and follow the certification process.


The purchasing quality manager can take care of purchases for a family of products or certain projects.

He eventually supervises a team of control and test engineers.

He can occupy a position of project manager within the framework of ISO 9001 type certification operations.


Its influence and missions differ according to several cases.

The purchasing quality manager is attached to the purchasing director or the quality director: in the first case, his autonomy from buyers is greater and the purchasing quality manager has more authority to define standards , practices or tools. In the second case, his power is that granted to him by the purchasing manager.

The purchasing quality manager is dedicated either to the supplier quality field or to the customer quality field. Missions and profile clearly differ depending on its scope of action: the supplier quality manager has a pivotal role in imposing and disseminating constraints (standards, processes, etc.) with suppliers. If he is not a buyer in the strict sense, he is often in a negotiating position vis-à-vis the suppliers.

The customer quality manager can be considered as the customer’s representative within the company: he disseminates the customer’s expectations in terms of quality internally and explains the constraints his company faces. If he negotiates, it is essentially internally; above all, we recognize him as a diplomat and an educator.

The company works in “ fabless ” (without factory) or has production units. In the first case, the work carried out with suppliers is essential and this position can be separated from customer quality, which is then entrusted to a specialized collaborator . In the second, the scope of intervention is quite wide (quality of customers, suppliers, launch of new products).  


  • Quality Director
  •  Sales director
  •  Industrial director


Degrees required

  • Engineering schools with specialization in an industrial field (mechanics, electronics, IT …)
  •   3rd cycles specialized in the field of quality (masters management by the quality of the Eisti , master management of the quality of Lyon 1, DESS management of the total quality of Marne la Vallée …)
  •   3rd cycles specialized in the purchasing function: DESS MAI in Bordeaux, master’s degree in international purchasing management from Essec , HEC, EM Lyon, Desma de Grenoble …
  • University education Bac +4 / 5 with specialization in the technical field, purchasing or quality

Duration of experience

This position requires a first experience of about five years in the purchasing or quality function.


Technical skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the entire purchasing process and the logistics chain
  •  Good knowledge of the product transformation chain and manufacturing techniques
  •  Good knowledge of quality standards (ISO 9000 type)
  •  Control of the processes and the quality approach applied to the purchasing field – QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control), knowledge of quality assurance procedures such as AQF (Supplier Quality Assurance) or AQM ( Manufacturing Quality Assurance ), Kaizen approach, Kanban method, etc.
  •  Knowledge and practice of design and problem-solving tools such as Amdec , SPC, value analysis, 6 Sigma…
  • Mastery of test and quality control tools, as well as incident management procedures
  •   Good knowledge of the stages of transformation of the product and associated services
  • Solid and complete technical culture
  • Good level of English, as part of the customers and suppliers can be based abroad

NB: Most of the tools mentioned find their preferred field of expression in the industrial world. The methodology is the same in other sectoral environments.


  • Strong listening skills, in order to take into account everyone’s point of view
  •  Pedagogy, a mixture of flexibility and firmness, diplomacy and voluntarism, to get your ideas across without imposing and without « pointing » your interlocutors
  •  Analytical skills and rigor, to break down the purchasing chain, identify and explain the problems encountered
  • Critical mind, to discern dysfunctions
  • Innovation and creativity, to bring out solutions


Confirmed framework: between 50 and 80 k € (part can be paid in the form of bonuses linked to the achievement of quality objectives)


  • Purchasing quality engineer
  • Customer quality engineer
  • Supplier quality manager
  •  Customer quality manager