The Qualitician ensures that the company’s quality policy is applied. He thus takes care to detect possible anomalies in order to limit the risks of faults. The Qualitician can also work in any company with a QSE department, whether in the mechanical (automotive, aeronautical), technological, chemical or health industry.


• Define the procedures to be followed to guarantee optimal quality
• Ensure compliance with specifications and standards (safety, production, hygiene…)
• Perform the necessary quality controls internally and / or at the level of subcontractors
• Conduct audits in a continuous improvement process
• Train staff in quality methods


• Be qualified to use management tools and industrial software
• Master statistical analysis methods
• Have a good understanding of technical English
• Know the basics of administrative and accounting management
• Have a great relationship


To become a Quality Assurance Manager, an engineer diploma in quality management or a Master in quality is necessary with a specialization in the sector of activity concerned. In small structures, a professional license in Quality Assurance gives access to the profession.


The salary of the Quality Assurance Manager varies depending on the size of the company, experience and the sector of activity. A beginner will earn around € 35,000 a year, a salary which can double for a confirmed executive.

Career evolution

The Quality Assurance Manager can progress to technical advice as Customer Support, become a Production Manager or use his expertise in a design office. Significant experience makes it possible to be appointed Quality Director.

Other appellations

• Quality Manager

• QualityControl Manager 

• Quality Assurance Project Manager 

• Quality Manager