QHSE Technician

In the aeronautics sector, the QHSE technician contributes to the implementation of the company’s policy in terms of safety and hygiene, while ensuring the quality of the internal environment. Working as a team, he ensures the assimilation of HSE principles by all staff.


• Regular inspections of work areas
• Case studies or safety, hygiene and environmental risks on all operational sections
• Implementation of the QHSE program
• Writing of activity and evaluation reports to of the management structure
• Research and suggestion of lasting solutions


• Perfect knowledge of QHSE regulations and strategies (reduction of noise pollution, machine ergonomics, ventilation quality, etc.)
• Excellent knowledge of aeronautical equipment and tools
• Analytical, editorial and management capacity • Teaching and implementation skills
rescue procedures


The profession of QHSE technician is accessible to holders of a BTS or DUT in Environment and Security. A CQPM QSE Coordinator certificate from continuous training facilitates the development of junior technicians to this position. In addition, depending on the sector of activity, specific skills may be required for the QHSE technician.


The QHSE technician who begins his career is paid at the rate of 2500 euros gross on average.

Career development

The QHSE technician can quickly climb the ladder to become a team leader. After 5 or 10 years, he may very well obtain the position of industrial risk management engineer or HSE manager.

Other appellations

• QHSE Consultant
• HSE Manager