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  • Posted for 30 days
  • Remains high in search results
  • 90 job posting
  • 35 featured job
  • Posted on Indeed and social network.
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Another very popular suit fabric is cotton. Similar to wool cotton is a breathable flexible material. Unfortunately, cotton tends to crease easily, meaning they don’t remain smart. Compared to wool fabrics cotton lacks luxury feel.Silk is one of the most expensive fabrics however, it offers superior comfort and luxury. The material is great for regulating temperature. Its breathable fabric means it retains the body’s heat in cool conditions and heat is expelled in warm weather.

Polyester is deemed lower quality due to its none natural quality’s. Made from synthetic materials, not natural like wool. Polyester suits become creased easily and are known for not being breathable. Polyester suits tend to have a shine to them compared to wool and cotton suits, this can make the suit look cheap. The texture of velvet is luxurious and breathable. Velvet is a great choice for dinner party jacket.

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