We live for quality. In processes, products and services.

Our customers can count on all components and systems being on site at the requested time, with the highest quality, in the correct amount.

Production – Everything Must Run Like Clockwork

Production is the core expertise of any car manufacturer. Your challenge is to make the production facility efficient, safe and flawless. Suppliers deliver their components, modules or systems to the production line Just-In-Time (JIT) or Just-In-Sequence (JIS). In the worst case, faulty parts or less than optimum assembly processes lead to production interruptions (stops).

TEKJOB Safeguards its Production Solutions – Worldwide

To limit the number and consequences of such occurrences, we support you with proactive and reactive quality assurance concepts. Our services ensure that all finished items are top quality, and that the production processes can be optimized, no matter where in the world.

Want your suppliers to be as dependable as you need them to be? Trust TEKJOB.

  • Supplier selection, qualification and development
  • Responsibility for the quality control of vendor parts, including fault rectification
  • Providing standardized and tailor-made quality training
  • Pre-delivery rework and retrofits for new vehicles
  • Relocation of production sites and on-site commissioning
  • Outsourcing of individual production steps, including composing assemblies and individualization of series vehicles