Assembly and test operator

The trades concern the realization in self-control of a set of operations in a particular field of skills (Machining, Welding, Composites, Assembly, Boilermaking, Painting, Treatment …) contributing to the preparation, the concrete production of parts, to their assembly or their control, from the elementary part to the finished product.

The working environment is generally in the workshop, can be governed by specific safety rules, in particular in pyrotechnics, need to wear specific personal protective equipment (safety shoes, gloves, glasses, mask, helmet or anti-noise pads …) And follow team or specific working hours schedules (2 * 8, 3 * 8…) depending on the areas of activity.


You manufacture parts by removing material (milling, turning, grinding, etc.) by adjusting machine tools with digital or conventional control.



• Carry out assembly operations, test self-checking products in compliance with safety rules on the basis of defined procedures and tools
• Fill in traceability and control data
• Trace operations carried out on production monitoring media
• Inform and trace any anomalies encountered
• Respect the safety and environmental rules in force in the company

The assembly activities concern different types of products such as equipment, metal structures or the final integration of the missile. They are exercised in different environments, in particular in a pyrotechnic environment for missile integration which requires specific training.