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+15 % of annual salary

Pay only if you recruit Dedicated to « executive » profiles with an annual salary above 30k € or retail Full recruitment: support until the signing of the contract Replacement guarantee


This is a tailor-made and adapted recruitment mission. You only pay if you recruit. By subscribing to this service, the recruiter entrusts TEKJOB with a complete mission of recruiting his future employee.

Process of the tailor-made service, in 7 steps:

  1. Call for scoping by TEKJOB and definition of the selection criteria, formalized in writing.
  2. Search the TEKJOB profile pool. Many actions are launched at the start of the recruitment mission: publication of an offer on the TEKJOB site, on partner job boards and on our social networks.
  3. Interviews by consultants: evaluation of applications, careful selection in order to propose a reduced number of targeted candidates to the recruiter.
  4. Presentation of the position and the conditions.
  5. Presentation of selected and interested profiles, with CV and report of the TEKJOB consultant.
  6. Appointment n ° 1 with the candidate and his managers.
  7. Support until the contract is signed with the candidate.

Do I have a guarantee?

The candidate will be replaced at no cost to the recruiter within 3 months of the candidate’s hire date.

What are the prices ? PARTNER RECRUITMENT

  • THE RECRUITMENT BONUS = 15% of the gross annual salary of the candidate for TEKJOB.
  • Breakdown of the “THE RECRUITMENT BONUS” to be paid to TEKJOB.
  1. Payment of 50% OF THE RECRUITMENT BONUS upon signature of the contract.
  2. Payment of 25% OF THE RECRUITMENT BONUS in the first month of employment.
  3. Payment of 25% OF THE RECRUITMENT BONUS in the second month of employment.

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