Our recruitment methods

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Our recruitment methods

Contact with an experienced specialist consultant

During the first contact, a consultant will come to your premises in order to define with you the context and the problem of your recruitment (s). This meeting also allows him to discover or deepen the culture of your company and the working atmosphere within your premises.

The consultant is your privileged interlocutor, he is fully involved in the definition of the expected skills, the selection of candidates and the follow-up of the missions that you entrust to him. Our consultants have solid professional experience and benefit from a good knowledge of the sectors and professions for which they recruit. They only intervene within the framework of “their professional competence”.

Selection of candidates – Search for candidates

In order to offer you candidates whose skills perfectly match the needs of your company, we implement various lines of research:

  • Our candidate database : it is constantly updated and enriched. Its updating is ensured by monitoring and regular updating of data by the consultants,
  • Internet : In order to broaden the scope of the research, we may publish an advertisement on our website as well as on the sites of our network of partners,
  • Press : We can also take care of the distribution of an advertisement on various press supports.

Choice of candidate

The choice of candidates is made after interviews and technical / professional tests aimed at validating the adequacy of their skills with those necessary for the position to be filled.

For each candidate, an individual interview takes place systematically before presenting the CV to you.

We analyze the professional career of the candidate and in particular its consistency with regard to the functions to be occupied. We also validate its claims and motivation. Finally we check all the professional information given by the candidate.

Business tests make it possible to concretely analyze the technical skills of candidates and to validate their level of professional, linguistic and / or IT skills.

The references are taken, with the agreement of the candidates, to validate the effectiveness of the experiences presented on the CV and its main achievements.

The selection of candidates is therefore made in perfect harmony with the profile sought.

Interim special: follow-up of the candidate after the placement

The follow-up of the candidate by the consultant after his placement is done throughout the mission in order to ensure its smooth running.

If necessary, training can be offered to the temporary worker during his assignment.

A survey and a quality assessment are carried out at the end of each mission.