Operator on CNC machine

The aeronautical operator-adjuster is called upon to exercise his profession in different sectors such as manufacturing units, aeronautics, automotive, chemicals, armaments and even the food industry. To do this, he uses advanced machines such as those that are numerically controlled.


• Prepare the production process downstream by studying the design of the part to be manufactured and selecting the operating mode,
• Making parts according to the techniques adopted after the first trials and tests,
• Using one or more numerically controlled machines according to the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) program,
• Ensuring the smooth running of the manufacturing system when it is launched,
• Continually ensuring compliance with quality, costs and deadlines,
• Controlling finished parts and carrying out corrections if necessary.


• Having great versatility, that is to say being able to use sophisticated numerical control machines while perfectly mastering mathematical formulas and diagrams,
• Having a great sense of responsibility in dealing with the various problems that can occur at any time and respectfully respect the security rules in force,
• Be methodical and logical,
• Be precise in gestures and know how to keep your cool, while trying to find solutions to problems as soon as possible.


It is possible to become an adjusting operator without having the bac, by having a CAP in driving industrial systems for example, a BEP in mechanical engineering with machining option, or even a BEP in maintenance of automated mechanical systems. Those who have a professional baccalaureate or an additional mention as an operator adjusting in a grinding system or operator adjusting on a numerically controlled machine can also access this profession.


The salary of a trimmer operator who begins his career is around 1,700 € gross per month.

Career evolution

After several years of experience, the setting operator can supervise a team and access the position of workshop manager. He can also become a computer programmer, production manager, method technician or automated line operator.

Other appellations

• Regulator on numerically controlled machine tools,
• Operator on numerically controlled machine tools,
• Numerical control preparer-programmer ,
• Technician in numerical control preparation-programming.