Maintenance technician

The job of the Industrial Maintenance Technician is to ensure the proper functioning of the various equipment of the aircraft, and this, permanently. It therefore acts in a preventive and curative manner while trying to detect breakdowns.


• Prevent breakdowns that could stop production, thus resulting in additional costs to bear
• Perform emergency interventions and replace any defective parts
• Correct a certain number of data contained in the computer system
• Search continuously optimize production costs
• Propose solutions to improve the performance and security of production tools


• Technical skills in various fields such as hydraulics, automation, mechanics, pneumatics, electrical engineering, electronics or industrial electricity are required
• Be on the lookout for the latest technological innovations in its field of competence
• Great curiosity and ability to adapt and to question oneself
• Great availability
• Ability to analyze and synthesize
• Ability to find solutions to any problems that arise


It is necessary to have a BTS or DUT to become an industrial maintenance technician. Recruiters are also attracted by a professional license with a specialization in industrial maintenance or in industrial production management.


When he begins his career, the industrial maintenance technician receives an average of € 2,000 gross monthly.

Career evolution

If he gains experience, the industrial maintenance technician can become a team leader. He may also consider occupying the position of quality manager or manufacturing manager.

Other appellations

• Maintenance mechanic
• Industrial maintenance agent
• Industrial maintenance engineer