Industrial maintenance officer

The Industrial maintenance officer is the guarantor of maintaining or restoring the working condition of any equipment or system within a company. Versatile and responsive, he can work in different sectors according to his responsibilities.


• Participation in the assembly and installation of equipment for an industrial or operating site
• Regular maintenance and repair of equipment in the event of a breakdown
• Communicate with local operations agents for possible remote maintenance (IT, for example)
• Periodic control of installed elements
• Writing of activity reports


• Excellent mastery of electrical and mechanical installation instruments
• Perfect knowledge of other technical elements such as pneumatics , hydraulics, etc.
• Excellent knowledge of the aeronautical industry or airport facilities environment
• Advanced analytical capacity and excellent management skills crisis
• Strong sense of service and teamwork
• Mastery of computer-assisted maintenance for remote maintenance


After a professional or scientific baccalaureate, the job of maintenance agent is accessible via a good number of specific certifications, generally acquired depending on the chosen sector of activity: CQPI maintenance agent for handling equipment, materials and public works …


The gross salary of the beginner maintenance agent is 1,700 euros per month.

Career development

From the position of maintenance agent, this worker can evolve as an industrial maintenance technician. He can also climb the ladder and reach the position of supervisor to lead a team after 5 to 6 years, or at least depending on internal availability.

Other appellations

• Maintenance operator