Maintenance engineer

The Maintenance Program Engineer is responsible for the proper functioning of the materials and equipment under his responsibility. Depending on his expertise, he may be required to work in several industrial fields: industrial construction , advanced industry, technological equipment, etc.


• Anticipate breakdowns by adopting a maintenance schedule,

• Supervise the work of maintenance teams,

• Carry out diagnostics to check the state of the company’s equipment,

• Propose technical solutions to optimize the reliability and durability of materials,

• Reduce the maintenance budget through optimized management of material investments,

• Ensure technological watch to consider possible innovations.


• Have in-depth knowledge of the operation of industrial equipment,

• Master industrial management techniques to detect malfunctions,

• Being able to provide technical support during commercial negotiations,

• Have a very good level of English and master the technical vocabulary.


Access to the profession of Engineer Maintenance Program is through a baccalaureate + 5 obtained in engineering school in the field of industrial maintenance. Recruiters can also turn to a Masters in logistics or production management.


A Maintenance Program Engineer who starts out earns around € 2,600 (gross salary). This remuneration changes with the experience and size of the company to reach around € 4,000 at senior level.

Career evolution

Several career development possibilities are possible for a program maintenance engineer. He can thus, with experience, become quality assurance manager, industrial maintenance manager to take charge of a larger equipment fleet, or even technical director. The program maintenance engineer can also turn to a commercial function by becoming a purchasing or technical sales engineer.

Other appellation

• Production Engineer

• Maintenance manager .