Logistics coordinator

Working on the premises of a client or the industrial company , the main role of the Logistics Coordinator is to ensure the compliance of a part under construction, or of the shipments and receipts of the goods to be transported.


• Design and organization of the production chain
• Reception, storage and shipment of all freight
• Organization, development and support of logistics flows
• Ensure compliance with terms of specifications (costs, deadlines, etc.)
• Coordinate tracking of deliveries


• Organizational and management capacities for storage site
• Good knowledge of customs regulations and transport of goods
• Notions of management techniques
• Mastery of electronic data interchange (EDI) software, software packages specific to logistics (ERP, stock management, orders, deliveries, etc.)


The job of Logistics Coordinator is accessible with a diploma at bac + 3 to bac + 5 level, notably in Management, Logistics and Supply, or with an engineering diploma or a Master pro in Production Management, in Management flow or in Logistics. It is also possible to obtain the position with a BTS or DUT, with a first successful experience in logistics or supply.


The Logistics Coordinator receives an annual net salary of approximately 27,000 to 35,000 euros.

Career evolution

With years of experience, the Logistics Coordinator could obtain the post of Assistant to the Director or Director of Economic Services and Equipment. It is also possible to seek a position of Quality Assurance Manager, Methods Manager, Industrial Company Manager, or even Industrial Production Manager.

Other appellations

• Logistics and transport coordinator

• Logistics platform manager

• Industrial and logistics management manager