Setup. Conversion. Reworking.

We rework your parts and vehicles according to your quality guidelines – on your premises, at your supplier, at the port, or at our own sites. We also offer a comprehensive service package for your show or press vehicles.

Launch and Series Management – TEKJOB Reworks Components and Vehicles

Production launches of new vehicle models and series production runs don’t always go to plan. We rework parts and vehicles that fall short of the specification before they are delivered to the customer. Short-term remedial measures are sometimes required to produce the vehicle in accordance with the quality policies so it can be sold. Our experts know exactly what to do and work with you to develop a workable solution.

TEKJOB Builds and Modifies Special-Purpose Vehicles

We build and rebuild mini-series vehicles such as show cars. Add-on parts have to be mounted and vehicles have to be visually customized. Because these vehicles are often processed at extremely short notice and need to be transported to their destination, we look after vehicle and component logistics.

Need to retrofit or rework? You can rely on TEKJOB expert teams all over the world.

  • Vehicle Retrofit
  • Vehicle Rework

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