Infrastructure and construction. Industrial and tertiary buildings, Linear Infrastructure, Major Projects, TP

TEKJOB is fully involved in building the world of tomorrow! Driven by a policy of public investment in major projects such as Greater Paris, the construction of hospitals or new lines (LGV Brittany Pays de Loire in particular) flourish at the national and international levels.

TEKJOB operates on the main construction and infrastructure projects: linear infrastructure, major projects, hospitals, industrial and tertiary buildings.

Today, our company is a partner of the main players in the sector (operators, builders, prime contractors, companies and design offices). Our consultants can intervene on the different stages of the project, from the study (feasibility study, detailed study) to the construction (execution, realization of works and project management).


Project management in the AVP phase for the infrastructure part of the Grand Paris Express 15 Red Line Our cost-time method engineers have put their skills to work to achieve 17km of tunnels, 5 underground stations (made between diaphragm walls or underground), SMR and SMI accesses and ancillary works.

  • Realization of estimates in terms of costs and planning for each station and each work (study and comparison of scenarios)
  • Development of the general phasing of realizations and plans of rights of way site of principle for each work
  • Interactions and permanent contacts with station and tunnel sub-groups to ensure effective follow-up and technical progress of the various studies, with reflections on the methods and feasibility of each element.
  • Interactions with other economic actors impacted by the project
  • Writing of technical notes (methodological notes, cost notes, hypothesis notes)

Design of geotechnical structures

Within the section dedicated to the support and foundations of a division of a major player in rail transport, our Geotechnical Engineers participate in the design of geotechnical structures.

  • Realization of PRO, DCE and VISA phases for the design of geotechnical structures
  • Realization of Geotechnical Mission G2 (calculation note, planning and estimation)
  • Establishment of descriptive notice, phasing of works
  • Interaction between the different railway trades
  • Expertise for geotechnical problems in phases study or works
  • Support for the development of the internal calculation software of the SNCF according to Eurocode 7


  • Structural Calculation Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Project Engineer Civil Engineering
  • Draftsman VRD designer