Industrial welder

The industria welder practices mainly in industry. He is considered to be the man of finishing since he is in charge of assembling the different parts built by other people. The metal parts entrusted to it can be of different sizes depending on the part of the aircraft on which it is called to work.


• Study the technical documents relating to the assembly plan,
• Define the most appropriate welding technique,
• Evaluate the risks linked to the operation,
• Prepare your work station and adjust the machines,
• Put on the protective equipment such as filter mask, gloves and coveralls,
• Check the quality of the welds and their compliance with standards.


• Precision and extreme thoroughness,
• In-depth knowledge of different metals,
• Ability to use complex machines such as electron beam welding machines or robotic arc welding cells.


There are several ways to access the profession of aeronautical welder. Those with a CAP are well targeted by recruiters, but with a bac, the chances are multiplied. It should however be stressed that the welder must justify an approval or a certificate which is to be renewed every year to be able to continue to exercise the trade.


The fees of a beginner aeronautical welder are around 1,430 €. With experience, he can claim a much higher salary.

Career development

As he gains experience, the aeronautical welder may be called upon to exercise more important functions as project manager, workshop foreman or responsible for a team of welders.

Other appellations

• Welding technician.