Industrial electrician

The industrial electrical maintenance technician guarantees the proper functioning of the electrical system of all or part, of the electrical architecture, but also of the electronic components.


• Implement preventive and corrective maintenance procedures
• Repair and replace defective or obsolete elements
• Contribute to the installation of new electrical equipment or components
• Regularly check the installations present
• Periodically and daily write activity reports
• Participate in activities related to studies and project development


• Perfect knowledge of the electrical architectures of aircraft and airport buildings, as well as technical developments in the electronic and IT field
• Excellent mastery of maintenance and upkeep tools
• Speed ​​and excellence in the search for suitable technical solutions


The applicant for the profession of electrical maintenance technician must justify a diploma of Bac Pro, electrotechnical or electromechanical sector. A Bac +2 in the aeronautical electrical systems sector, a BTS or a DUT will also help him to put the odds on his side.


Beginning in his career, the electrical maintenance technician can hope to earn up to 2500 euros gross per month.

Career development

If he is competent and applied, the electrical maintenance technician can very well become a Team Leader, or even hold a Project Manager position, in 5 or 6 years. He can also turn to functions related to Research, or undergo training in Engineering. Finally, to obtain an executive position more quickly, the VAE is highly recommended.

Other appellations

• Electrical maintenance technician

• Electrical installation and maintenance technician