HSE Manager

The HSE Manager is one of the guarantors of safety and hygiene and respect for the environment in the field of aircraft construction. He therefore acts as an internal sensitizer to the company, by being directly attached to the management circle.


• Make a rigorous follow-up of the production chain with a view to an analysis or an observation
• Detect all drifts likely to create industrial risks, vis-à-vis employees, the company and the external environment
• Define a prevention program
• Raise awareness among employees and managers


• Thorough and practical knowledge of national and international regulations in terms of health, safety and ecology
• Good knowledge of the aeronautical industry
• Good analytical skills and mastery of reporting and management techniques
• Good communication skills and be proactive


The function of HSE Manager is accessible to engineers and holders of a Masters in environment, hygiene, safety at work … Provided they have experience, this job is also open to applicants with a Bac +2 or 3 in the subject, or those presenting a QSE coordinator CQPM.


The new HSE manager starts with around 3000 euros net, and progresses between 4000 and 5500 in 5 years.

Career evolution

The HSE engineer can specialize in one of the fields related to his function. But as his experience progresses, he can also opt for a consultant position, or even open his own QHSE practice.

Other appellations

• Hygiene Safety Environment Quality Engineer

• Quality and Safety Management Engineer