You have more than 5 recruitments of bilingual French-English or other rare languages ​​candidates to complete.TEKJOB organizes your turnkey recruitment event, with dozens of bicultural candidates selected, with or without assessment.

What is the Exclusive Recruitment service?

By subscribing to this service, the recruiter entrustsTEKJOB with the organization of a private recruitment day for candidates who are bilingual French-Enchish or other rare languages.

Marketing of the event: a few weeks before the event, the team launches a 360 ° marketing campaign: advertising on theTEKJOB site, on partner job boards, on our French-English-language social networks, on specialized media. These operations generate hundreds of invitation requests.

Selection: according to need,TEKJOB selects guests, for example according to language levels, validity of work permits and residence permits of applicants, or other criteria.

Invitation and organization: theTEKJOB team generally takes care of guest management and the complete organization of the recruiting day.

How to pay for the order?

This order is paid by invoice sent on the day of the event. A deposit request is usually made when booking.

What are the prices ?

From 3000 € + 2500 € from the second recruitment.

TEKJOB also offers an additional room reservation and provision service to organize your private recruitment day.

For more information, contact us by phone at 06 05 47 86 61 or by email at contact@tekjob.fr

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