Electrical engineer

The industrial electronics engineer is a specialist in electrical and electronic equipment in industry. These include the radar system, on-board instruments, autopilot and radio navigation, as well as all of the electrical wiring.


• Inspect all the aforementioned systems in order to identify those which must be replaced or repaired,

• Carry out tests on said systems in order to seek the causes of breakdowns,

• After detection of the breakdown, fix the corrective actions to put an end to malfunction,

• Ensure that the parts are reassembled correctly and function normally,

• Carry out checks on the quality of the repairs carried out, and make corrections if necessary.               


• Ability to read a plan and apply with all the rigor required the instructions contained in the technical documentation,

• Great mastery of the use of sophisticated equipment to carry out tests,

• Ability to dismantle and reassemble the systems in place after the diagnosis of breakdowns and adequate repairs,

• Ability to develop an intervention plan and to respect it, • Ability to adapt to new technologies and ability to master them,

• Extreme thoroughness to perform work with precision,

• A high availability, because missions can be done at staggered times,

• Proficiency in technical English.                        


The holder of a B2 License (PART 66) can apply for the position of aircraft electronics engineer. 

Those who have the aeronautical qualifications required by the Army or a pro aeronautical bac in avionics systems are also of interest to recruiters.

 Associated with a Complementary Mention (MC) in aeronautical maintenance, this last diploma constitutes an asset to be exploited.


For his first position, the electronics / aircraft electrician can claim a salary more or less equal to the minimum wage. A qualified professional, meanwhile, earns around € 2,300 gross per month.

Career evolution

With years of experience under his belt, the electronics / aircraft electrician can become a team leader or controller within the company in which he works. It is also possible for him to join the Technical Offices in order to take on greater responsibilities.

Other appellations

•  Systems mechanic .