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As part of your mission, you may be required to travel to France or abroad.

The secondment period is indicated on your contract, as well as the place.

During this period, you benefit from the Europe Assistance cover, taken out by TEKJOB.

Before your departure, you are given:

  • a Europe Assistance card, which contains the information necessary to contact this insurance organization if necessary; we strongly advise you to keep it,
  • 1 amendment to his employment contract mentioning the conditions of the secondment,
  • 1 form allowing coverage by Social Security abroad.

The conditions to be fulfilled

  • you must have a valid aptitude notice issued by the Occupational Medicine,
  • you must be in good standing (passport, visa, residence permit) if your secondment takes place abroad (outside the European Union).

The applicable regime

During the period of your secondment, the regime applicable to you is that of Social Security (France).