Contract and remuneration

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Your contract

During each mission, we give you a temporary mission contract in duplicate. You must return it signed within 48 hours to: Service Contracts – 13 Rue Robert Desnos; 78711 Mantes-La-Ville; France

Your remuneration

Specifics TEJKOB

Pay periods are closed on the last day of each month. For weeks straddling two months, you must enter two time sheets on TEKJOB: one for the end of the current month and the second for the start of the following month. Example: week of March 31 to April 4, 2015.

You will have a schedule of hours for the day of March 31 to send us no later than April 1 (March pay) and a schedule of hours for the days of April 1 to 4, to send us no later than Tuesday of the following week (April pay).

  • Salary & Allowances
  • Leave / RTT
  • Accident / illness

Participation – Company Savings Plan

As a temporary employee of TEKJOB having worked at least 60 days during the last financial year, you benefit from the participation agreement in force in the company. In addition to this system, you can take advantage of the establishment of a Company Savings Plan (PEE) allowing you to build up medium-term savings within an advantageous tax framework.
The employee savings account gives you all the information you need to help you optimize the management of your savings according to your personal plans.

Your salary

Your time records

Your time records are the basis for calculating your pay: you must include the number of hours actually worked in the week (legal maximum: 48 hours). It is therefore necessary to send them to us by email at the address appearing on your statements every Friday (no later than Monday morning), bearing the company stamp and the signature of your line manager (required to be taken into account). account). Without a time record, we will be unable to settle your salary.

Pay slipsThe payslips, calculated on the basis of the time slips received, are sent to you from the 11th of the month following the period worked, without exception.
They are paid by bank transfer. It is therefore essential to send us your RIB by email to the following address: .


Without your requesting it, a deposit is systematically paid to you on the third working day of the following month. Your time records must be validated by your line manager no later than the second working day at 10:30 am. Example: for the September 2019 payroll, the deposit is paid on October 3, 2019.It corresponds to approximately 90% of the net, after deduction of the Withholding Tax (PAS), the gross salary being calculated according to the hours worked and the time records received before October 2 at 10:30 am. In addition, you can benefit from down payments every week (except for the week of payment of wages 11 of the month). Enter your timesheet on Page Online, check the deposit box and validate your timesheet, it will be automatically sent to your validator and must be approved by the customer before Monday 3 p.m. Payment will be made on Wednesday morning by bank transfer. 

The Navigo Pass (or proof of transport subscription)

Users of this transport ticket must, at the beginning of each month, send us by email at the address appearing on your time sheets, a photocopy of their Navigo Pass or proof of transport subscription. We remind you that single tickets (metro / train tickets) are not reimbursed.

Leave / RTT


The company in which you are carrying out your assignment may have implemented a reduction in working time, by allocating days (or half-days) of rest corresponding to the time worked, beyond the legal or contractual hours. The average weekly collective duration over the year is 35 hours. You benefit from this reduction in working time in the same way as the permanent employees of the user company, in proportion to your time of presence.
You may be remunerated according to two possibilities: actual payment or smoothing over an average of 35 hours per week, depending on the rules applicable to our customers.


As a temporary worker, you are paid according to the number of hours actually worked. You have the right to payment for public holidays occurring during your assignment, regardless of your seniority, provided that the employees of the user company benefit from them. You must absolutely tell us when a public holiday is worked.

The bridges

You can benefit from bridges during your temporary work assignment under the following conditions:

  • the bridge is remunerated and not recoverable
  • the bridge is recoverable during the mission

You do not benefit if:

  • the bridge is charged against the rights to paid vacation or is the subject of a recovery outside your mission

Days for family events

Below you will find the events giving rise to leave (legal minimum), without any seniority condition. These absences are granted without reduction in remuneration.

  • Marriage or conclusion of a PACS: 4 days
  • Marriage of a child: 1 day
  • Birth or adoption: 3 days for each birth in the home
  • Death of a child: 5 days
  • Death of a spouse, partner, partner linked to a PACS, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, brother or sister: 3 days
  • Notification of the occurrence of a disability in a child: 2 days

The collective agreements of user companies sometimes provide for longer holidays. You will benefit from a longer authorized absence if you meet any conditions set out in this collective agreement upon confirmation from the User Company.


If you need to take time off for personal reasons, you must seek written permission from your line manager within the company. These days are not remunerated since you receive at the end of the contract an indemnity in lieu of paid leave.

Accident / illness

Work accident or commuting accident

In the event of a work accident or commuting accident between home and work place, you must notify us (or have us warn) within 24 hours, so that we can establish a declaration with the CPAM and , if applicable, from your provident fund.


In the event of illness, send us your sick leave as soon as possible. Your Payroll Manager will issue a salary certificate (if you are absent for more than 3 days), which you will then send to your Social Security fund. You will be compensated directly by the latter.

Likewise, if you are absent for more than 9 days, your Manager will send you a Réunica Prévoyance file (additional). This is a very strict principle of labor law.

The medical visit

Since January 2017, the compulsory medical examination carried out by the employer for employees has been replaced. This visit was systematic within the framework of a CDD, CDI, interim, interim CDI.

The El Khomri law of August 08, 2016 – Decree of December 27, 2016 n ° 2016-1908 replaced it by the following device. When you accept a classic assignment you must before concluding the contract:

  • either benefit from an up-to-date information and prevention visit (VIP) and submit your follow-up certificate to your Payroll Manager,
  • either pass this visit within three months from the effective taking of your job. It is an individual visit which is carried out by the collaborators of the doctor (intern, nurse) or by the doctor himself. It gives rise to the delivery of a certificate of follow-up to a job (within the limit of 3).

When you accept a mission in a risky position, you must undergo a reinforced individual follow-up (SIR) carried out by the occupational physician before taking up the position. The occupational physician will give you a medical suitability (or unfitness) opinion.

The Registered Social Declaration 

This legal and mandatory device since January 2017 makes it possible to simplify and secure the transmission of data concerning you.