Facility management & Well-being at work: a winning duo

More and more companies are mobilizing for the well-being of their employees. For this, 70% of them are ready to invest in a more pleasant, healthy working environment that is conducive to the development of teams. No wonder when you know that a happy employee is more loyal, more motivated and therefore also more productive!

So who better than the Chief Happiness Officer to establish this link between Facility Management and well-being at work?

Chief Happiness officer: a profession at the frontiers of Facility Management and Human Resources.

This fashionable profession was born a few years ago and has been widely talked about since. The mission of the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) is to enable employees to flourish, with the objective of improving employee efficiency and involvement. For this, this new employee in company happiness works to improve the working conditions of the teams.

But beware of clichés, according to Frédéric Rei , Director of the Real Estate & Construction division at Page Personnel, “it’s not just a matter of organizing a team breakfast every week, on the contrary! Focusing on the development of people and their well-being, the CHO has very specific objectives, often at the border between General Services, Human Resources, internal communication and corporate events ”.

Moreover, according to a FocusRH study , in 2016 the Chief Happiness Officers were attached 60% to General Services or the Office Manager, 23% to the Communication or Marketing Department and 17% to Human Resources. The CHO therefore has a transverse position in the company; he must listen to all employees regardless of their hierarchical level. It brings happiness to all of them by multiplying small actions, but not only … The CHO also has the mission of considering deeper organizational changes, for example it can mobilize in favor of teleworking for more flexibility or propose other “well-being” innovations (desk sharing, sports programs for employees, provision of concierge services, etc.).