Car mechanic

The auto mechanic provides routine maintenance for so-called « light » vehicles, such as an automobile, van or truck weighing less than 4,500 kg. The mechanic will therefore provide technical and mechanical solutions to the problems encountered. The auto mechanic is hired by a craftsman (garage), an authorized repairer (agent) or even a dealer. He works for a team leader, a workshop manager or directly for the company manager.


It is recommended that the light vehicle mechanic has, at a minimum, a CAP or BEP auto such as the CAP MVA A (CPA maintenance of motor vehicles, passenger vehicle options) or the BEP MVA (BEP Maintenance of vehicles and equipment, predominantly vehicles individuals). It is important that the car mechanic can regularly follow training courses on products whose technical development is rapid. Finally, the B permit is required.


The missions of the light vehicle mechanic are as follows:

  • Diagnose the vehicle
  • Present the repairs to be carried out
  • Carry out repair operations (shock absorbers, tires, brake discs and pads, batteries, filters)
  • Carry out anti-pollution checks , oil (oil change)
  • Replace defective parts (windshield wipers, bulbs, etc.)

He can meet with the client to specify the work carried out.


  • Passionate about mechanics and cars, the light vehicle mechanic must:
  • Demonstrate a good technical basis
  • Respect safety rules
  • Demonstrate rigor, method, logic
  • Have a sense of service

Remuneration and benefits:


The auto mechanic will start his career with a salary of around 1,320 euros per month.

Career development

  • Two orientations are available to the automobile mechanic:
  •  Specialization: diesel mechanic, mechanic specializing in electricity-electronics
  • Management by becoming responsible for a team of technicians or taking responsibility for a workshop. He can also work as a tow truck.