Undercover on the test track. TEKJOB camouflages your vehicles.

TEKJOB stands by its customers as a reliable partner by assisting in the camouflage of prototypes and thereby covering the entire process from the development of all camouflage measures to their official acceptance and application. With comprehensive expertise in interior and exterior camouflage and years of experience in processing entire vehicles, we proactively support you in all areas, allowing you to focus on your core competences.

Camouflaging for the Automotive Industry

The series production of each car begins with a pre-production vehicle that incorporates all the latest technology and design innovations available on the market at that time. Automotive manufacturers use these prototypes to test the increasingly complex systems in their vehicles in real traffic situations before going into series production.

All technical configurations and design features are still subject to secrecy at that particular time and therefore, in order to retain the competitive edge, it is important to hide them from the public. The manufacturers rely on a complete camouflage package, which they can individually adapt to the current development progress of the series. TEKJOB is experienced in handling pre-production vehicles and camouflaging the interior and exterior of your prototypes.

The experienced TEKJOB employees ensure professional handling of your project and consider the interests of the various parties involved from the design and development departments on the manufacturer’s side. This way, the experts develop a complete camouflage package in constant coordination with the customer and simultaneously make sure that the applied processes will have as little influence on the measurement results as possible during later test drives.

For interior camouflaging we offer the services of our own production facility, which is specified in sewing interior coverings.

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