Business engineer

A true commercial ambassador, the business engineer takes care of the most strategic customer accounts for the company. He distinguishes himself from the simple salesman by his technical expertise on complex products, which allows him to have senior managers as interlocutors. Its role is therefore essential to guarantee the development of a company’s activities.


• Conceive the commercial offers best suited to customer needs
• Monitor tenders and build financial and technical files
• Ensure prospecting to develop the company’s clientele
• Conduct contract negotiations with customers and suppliers
• Supervise the deployment of solutions and after-sales follow-up respecting deadlines and quality expected
• Ensure technological and commercial monitoring to be on the lookout for development opportunities


• Master the technical characteristics of the company’s products
• Have a perfect command of business English
• Have a great interpersonal skills to best adapt your speech


Recruiters favor graduates of the major business schools, and more particularly, those with a bac +5. The position is thus open to holders of a professional master’s degree in Business Engineering.


The business engineer receives a monthly salary of 3000 euros gross at the start of his career, which can reach 4500 euros depending on the size of the accounts he manages.

Career evolution

Experience allows a Business Engineer to take on increasingly important files with ever greater financial stakes for the company. He may be required to take charge of a team before claiming the position of Commercial Director, Marketing Director or Project Director.

Other appellations

• Business Developer
• Key Account Engineer

• Account Manager
• Technical Sales