The boilermaker creates structural elements for the aircraft. He shapes and assembles metal parts using hand tools or machines.


It produces primary structural parts, assembles them for the production of sub-assemblies and finally, carries out control measures. The boilermaker must decode and analyze a technical file (technical sheet, detailed plan). It also has the task of carrying out the heat treatments adapted to the materials and according to the formatting stipulated on the manufacturing file.

Golden rules

This profession requires rigor, meticulousness, a sense of analysis and personal organization.

Working conditions

The trade of boilermaker is physical and requires the wearing of protective equipment. He may have to work in a team. The boilermaker works standing, in a noisy environment, he must be in good health, have good eyesight and a spatial representation, necessary for his activity.

Schedules can be as normal as staggered.

Training required

• A CAP for construction of MC welding boilers.
• A BEP Realization of sheet metal works and metal structures.
• A Professional baccalaureate Production of sheet metal work and metal structures.
• A BTS in sheet metal work or metal constructions or shaping of materials by forming.


From 1,200 to 1,300 euros net for a beginner and from 1,500 to 2,000 euros net for a team leader. However, wages vary widely depending on the company.


The boilermaker, with experience, can gain the position of team leader, foreman, or workshop foreman.

Other appellations

« Choumac » in everyday language.