Automotive Painter


At a repairing dealership or in a garage, the painter bodybuilder repairs or replaces the sheets and bumpers of vehicles and carries out the paint finishes on the damaged parts.

Other names: Bodywork Painter, Body Painter, Body Painter


To become a bodybuilder painter, professional training is a good springboard:  

  • CAP / Bac Pro body painting
  • CAP / Bac Pro bodywork construction
  • CAP body repair
  • BEP bodywork
  • Pro bodywork tray repair option
  • BTS Design and production of bodywork

Additional training:

  • Additional training in repair of automobile bodies
  • Auto body repair methods


  • Perform all bodywork and painting interventions
  • Diagnose and repair deformations on a damaged or damaged vehicle.
  • Assemble the sheets by welding, riveting and gluing
  • Restore shape, in particular by dent removal, leveling and sanding on all types of bodywork.
  • Replace bumpers or sheets in bad condition.
  • Improve the quality of the repaired vehicle surface by puttying, sanding, and anti-rust coats.
  • Prepare the paint and find the right shade.
  • Apply the paint using a spray gun.
  • Contribute to the quality of service expected from customers by ensuring the state of presentation of vehicles.
  • Provide reliable and compliant vehicles and machinery in accordance with the company’s rules and instructions


  • Respect the rules of hygiene and safety.
  • Have a good knowledge of the materials and products applied for the treatment of surfaces.
  • Master the work of metals, plastics, etc., and know the assembly processes.
  • Demonstrate an excellent knowledge of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Great manual skills and mastery of spray painting.
  • Have a sense of aesthetics.
  • Be rigorous and thorough.

Remuneration and benefits:

The painter bodybuilder starts with a salary of around € 1,600 gross per month.

Career developments :

With experience, the automotive bodybuilder can progress to the position of team leader or unit manager within automotive companies. He can also open his own garage for repair and bodywork.