Land Transport. Automobile, Railway, Equipment Manufacturers

The challenges of the transport sector today rely on safety, performance, ergonomics, communication and the preservation of the environment. In order to best meet the demands of outsourcing its customers,TEKJOB accompanies the actors of this sector on all trades and the life cycle of products.


Electronic card design from a customer specification, for car projectors. On behalf of a global automotive supplier, our teams were responsible for designing electronic boards from manufacturer specifications.

  • Drafting of technical specifications
  • Realization of electronic design, schematic
  • Realization of compliance matrix
  • Risk Analysis and Architecture Definition
  • Writing proof of the choice of architecture
  • Schema input
  • Choice of components
  • Calculation of the charge rate of the components
  • EFMEA writing
  • Technical team management in China
  • Specification of routing, FR4, SMI, choice of finish

Validation engine, cooling, various tests on prototypes of excavators from 15 to 100 tons.

On behalf of a construction equipment manufacturer, our teams worked on all the tests and validation of several excavator models.

  • Body Iterations as part of the cooling tests.
  • Sheet metal iterations in the context of cooling tests.
  • Iterations of the expansion vessel, improvement of the degassing of the cooling circuit.
  • Refrigerant resizing and standardization with the R922 excavator.
  • Validation of cooling performance.
  • Validation of the engine with the engine supplier.

Control of the assembly process of future front and rear bumpers, tailgate and the doors of the future Renault Espace

On behalf of a global OEM, our teams worked with the project’s manufacturing manager, purchasing and assembly machine supplier.

  • Drafting of specifications
  • Project monitoring (presentation and distribution of tasks)
  • Realization of FMEA medium and process
  • Time study (cycle time)
  • Definitions of assembly ranges (punching, welding …)
  • Ergonomic studies (REBA and JSI)
  • Organization of meeting (brainstorming, launching, pre-validation study, validation study, FMEA)


  • Mechanical design engineer
  • Engine Development Engineer
  • Calculator designer
  • Embedded Electronics Engineer
  • Management and project management
  • Organ tests
  • Process Pilot Engineer