The Automation Technician is essential in the industrial sector, due to the advanced automation of production processes. The industrial units rely almost exclusively on automated tools to obtain better yields and standardize the quality of production. Thanks to his skills, the Automatic Technician ensures the proper functioning of all automated equipment and contributes to the design of computer and mechanical systems for actuating the automated systems.


• Proceed with the installation of new automated systems
• Ensure compliance with the specifications for optimized assembly
• Carry out regular diagnostics to optimize the operation of equipment
• Set up a maintenance schedule to prevent breakdowns
• Carry out the necessary repairs and establish analysis reports
• Manage the life cycle of parts and make changes to defective parts


• Understand the technical diagrams and plans
• Have a certain expertise in mechanics, hydraulics, electricity and electronics
• Have a very good knowledge of technical English
• Know how to use computer tools (CMMS and CAD)
• Be gifted in mathematics


The recruitment of an automation technician is done from a BTS in Design and production of industrial systems (CRSA), a BTS in Industrial control and automatic regulation (CIRA) or a DUT in Industrial engineering and maintenance.


A beginner Automation Technician will receive monthly remuneration between € 1,400 and € 1,800 net per month.
Career development
Depending on the profile, the automation technician may progress to the position of Pilot of automated production systems, turn to quality control, work at the level of research & development or design new automation.

Other appellations

• Automation technician,
• Automated systems agent,
• Automated systems maintenance mechanic.