Production supervisor

The production supervisor organizes and leads the implementation of manufacturing programs. Also having a role of quality control, while being the guarantor of the continuity of the production chain, it thus ensures a link with other services.


• Implementation and harmonization of the work plan.
• Management of a team of production staff, organization of schedules and assignments
• Training of the work team
• Coordination of work with logistics, maintenance and quality control services
• Drafting and regular updating of production data


• Staff management capacity
• Excellent knowledge of material resources and aeronautical technology
• Excellent communication skills
• Good command of IT tools, and in particular DTP programs.
• Good ability to train technical workers


The position of Aeronautical Production Supervisor is accessible to holders of a BTS in industrial production, a Pro license or a Master in production management and piloting, or to industrial engineers with specification in aeronautical production and installation, materials…


The production supervisor can claim a monthly salary of 3,750 euros gross.

Career evolution

After a few years spent in a production sector, the production supervisor can be transferred to another more important sector. He can progress to the position of Production Manager, or even Production Director after ten years.

Other appellations

• Production sector manager

• Aeronautical production supervisor

• Production teamleader