After the mission

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After the mission

  • Continuation of working relationships
  • End of the mission

Continuation of working relationships

You have just agreed to continue a mission.

This can take two forms:

  • an extension rider
  • a new contract

The extension rider

The extension rider is the continuity of your original contract. Like any contract, it must be returned within 48 hours. Since your initial contract has not ended (it has just been extended), your end-of-mission indemnities are not triggered.

The new contract

Your mission continues within the user company; 2 possibilities :

  • either you hold a different position
  • either you hold the same position

In the latter case, a waiting period must be respected between the 2 contracts; this is a period not worked, corresponding to a third of the time of the mission which has just ended. If your previous assignment was less than 14 days, the waiting period is half of the previous assignment.

We establish a new contract.

It must be returned to us within 48 hours. Insofar as this is a new contract, the end-of-mission indemnities corresponding to the previous contract are triggered.

The end of your mission

The end of your assignment puts an end to your employment contract and to the contractual ties with TEKJOB.

The normal end

Your temporary employment contract can end naturally:

  • during the trial period,
  • on flexibility if the customer requests it,
  • at the end of the scheduled term, for a date to date contract,
  • with the achievement of its purpose (return of the replaced person, entry into service of the employee recruited on a permanent contract), for a minimum-term contract.

The anticipated end At your initiative

Early termination with transfer to CDI

If you have concluded a CDI during your assignment, you can terminate your temporary employment contract early, without this termination exposing you to possible legal action. However, you must respect a notice of 1 day per week, within a limit of 2 weeks. You must also justify your hiring, by sending TEKJOB a copy of your CDI or a promise of employment from your future employer. Insofar as you terminate your contract early, you lose your end-of-mission indemnities.

Early termination without going into CDI

You are not entitled to terminate your assignment early if you are not able to justify a permanent contract. If you make such a decision, you must confirm it to us in writing so that your mission can be closed. You will not receive your termination indemnity and it is possible, if your departure is very prejudicial to our user, that damages may be requested from you.

At the initiative of the user company

The user company can terminate the contract before its term in the following cases:

  • the rupture must result from a serious fault of yours,
  • in case of force majeure.

If your mission is stopped early outside of these two cases, TEKJOB undertakes to do everything possible to find you a new mission.