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Aeronautics / Space / Defense Avionics,

Whether in civil aviation where fleets are constantly growing to meet the prospects for air traffic development or in defense where the armies seek to maintain their operational advantage by upgrading their equipment through a major effort in R & D; TEKJOB collaborates with various market players, including « systemiers » and equipment manufacturers. We work in the fields of software, hardware and mechanics. Our consultants work on all phases of the projects, both in the specification, design and development phases and during the testing, validation and industrialization stages.


Project: Validation of the reliability of a landing gear braking system

On assignment for one of the leading French equipment manufacturers in the aeronautics sector, our consultants conducted a numerical study of the areas at risk of the braking system.

  • Finite element modeling of the braking system: meshing, data setting, calculation and post-processing of the results.
  • Study of the mechanical strength of the system.
  • Vibration analysis to identify the eigen modes of the turbojet engine system.
  • Vibration fatigue analysis to detect areas of damage.
  • Writing of a synthesis calculation note for validation with the different stakeholders.

Project: Embedded Software Development

Within the Defense Division of a company that equips the French Army and some 60 other armies, our engineering team has been responsible for developing embedded software adapted to the aeronautical, maritime and rail sectors.

  • Drafting of the technical specifications of the software (needs, design and functional test plan).
  • Development of embedded software on bone platform (ARM).
  • Drafting unit test scenario scripts and integration test report.
  • Writing and follow-up of functional validation documents.
  • Development of the test bench software under VB and drafting of the user manual of the tool.
  • Development of the simulator software under VB and drafting of the user manual of the tool.
  • Development of the HMI software for a project in the maritime sector under C # and drafting of the user manual of the tool.
  • Intervention for the PAD and AGC display project – railway sector – (LON Liaison).

Project: Automation of the design / modeling chain

In order to increase productivity when converting design models from one company to another, our consultants were tasked with automating Simulink model design in the right format.

  • Specifications: construction of a Works Engagement Sheet (FET) of the HMI and functionalities of the tool to be created.
  • Design and solutions: development of the automatic template conversion tool under MATLAB / Simulink. Interface management and implementation of the automation process.
  • Validation and evolutions: bug handling, validation with a database of the initial client and changes to the tool.


  • Project manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • CFD calculation study engineer
  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Android developer
  • CAD / CAD designer
  • Test Engineer
  • Embedded developer