Advertise your offers to attract candidates

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Advertise your offers to attract candidates

TEKJOB is a brand of TABURY-CONSULTANT, a world leader in recruitment and specialized temporary employment.

Present in France, TEKJOB benefits from both an international scope and local knowledge of employment areas, which allows us to offer our clients high-performance and personalized services. .

We provide a range of cutting-edge visibility services, based on the latest web tracking and matching technologies, in order to attract or find the talent sought more quickly.

Online tools

The TEKJOB site

Our site receives around 400,000 visitors and over 120,000 resumes per month. We distribute all of our offers there and ensure optimal SEO on Google.

TheTEKJOB site as well as our accounts on social networks allow us to set up specific promotion mechanisms.

Our network of media partners

We are constantly renewing our tools and our media partners, to ensure optimal visibility of our offers on the most efficient sites, whether generalist or specialized.

Our network of premium partner sites allows us to highlight our offers on job sites and via personalized banners that run on the main news sites, or audience hubs, by targeting contacts.

The data technologies used in both acquisition and retargeting provide our customers with targeted and effective campaigns, comparable to digital hunting.

Our visibility solutions guarantee a presence on all channels where the desired profiles can evolve, via:

  • The TEKJOB l site : with premium spaces,
  • The job sites : general, specialized and regional
  • The social networks : Viadeo, Twitter, Facebook, with the possibility of ad hoc campaigns,
  • Of advertising campaigns on web sites RTB premium network : news websites, crossroads of hearings, site affinity with the target …
  • Of advertising campaigns print : the major newspapers and magazines and sector professionals.

Our teams are available to answer your questions and offer you the solutions best suited to your needs.

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